Why use us?

HeadWindsCare primary focus is on improving care operator’s financial performance and management capabilities to deliver value retention/enhancement for stakeholders.  We believe this ‘front loaded’ approach is the only credible business model.

This is in recognition that value retention/enhancement is the starting point from which operational, clinical and management strategies and improvements must be driven via clear, achievable goals and robust leadership.

This approach of placing value first is without any compromise to operational, clinical and quality issues- in fact their individual contribution to the equation is significantly enhanced.

So instead of focussing on individual matters (eg CQC concerns),  HeadWindsCare takes an overarching view that is commercially driven and therefore includes all key elements even if there are no immediate/apparent issues.

This ethos and culture is built on the experience and integrity of 26 years working in the UK social care sector, and is the foundation of HeadWindsCare.  Our ambition is to provide a fresh value driven approach to stakeholders in conjunction with a quality and experienced team that supports clients through transition.

This is how HeadWindsCare differentiates itself from its competition.