Business Support Packages

All lenders need to monitor their client’s trading and operational performance.

Our Lender Support Package is a flexible and specialist service applicable to both new and mature lending where the lender needs to monitor closely his client’s operational and financial performance.  This service is based around agreed parameters and information flows from the lender and their client. The service combines regular desktop reviews of a client’s operational and financial reports with pre-agreed site surgery visits to understand the dynamics of the business. It is valuable for lender and client alike, and can be extremely cost effective as a risk management tool.

The Lender Business Support Package is most applicable where lenders perceive increased risk and require regular professional analysis of their client, in order to manage their exposure effectively.

At a time when lender resources are stretched and with tighter credit risks, our specialist service can be beneficial for the lender in the early detection of adverse trends.

HeadWindsCare will typically undertake:

  • desktop trading analysis/key performance indicators/benchmarking
  • sensitivity /break-even /trend/staff cost/fee rate/economies of scale/CQC analysis

The benefit to the lender is peace of mind on higher risk exposures where any deviation from the business plan/forecasts will be detected early with a remedial plan recommended which we can help implement if required.

This service is very adaptable and meets most client demands for transparency, objectivity and SMART outcomes.