Professional healthcare solutions for Lenders / Stakeholders / Professionals

Professional care solutions developed with the benefit of 25 years ‘business end’ experience

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Professional healthcare solutions for Care Operators

HeadWindsCare provides a wide range of operational, financial and management services for care providers ranging from sole traders to mid-tier corporates.

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Who We Are

HeadWindsCare is a healthcare management consultancy owned and managed by Bryan Higgins who has 25 years’ sector experience as a lender, management consultant and most recently Grant Thornton’s senior sector manager. In the last 17 years Bryan has been involved in over 2000 care homes providing client solutions broadly structured within the categories of Advisory, Restructuring and Independent Business Reviews. Bryan’s accumulated experience is probably the most extensive of any professional healthcare advisor.

Bryan is supported by a team providing clinical, operational and financial experience.

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Headwinds is a financial term increasingly used to characterise businesses experiencing turbulence and uncertainty as a result of a variety of operational, financial and management problems, some expected and some not. The UK social care sector is particularly prone to headwinds as a result of rising staff costs, Brexit uncertainty affecting staffing and increased regulation largely paid for by a post 2008 severely constrained public purse.

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